Local Operation American Spring protesters want to stop Common Core

Local Operation American Spring protesters want to stop Common Core
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Saturday, May 17, 2014 - 12:43pm

People continued to protest all across the country to try to stop what they're calling "big government." In Baton Rouge, local protesters rallied on the steps of our Capitol to voice their concerns.

It's happening around our country. It's Operation American Spring. Tea Party members, Libertarians, and other political groups are joining together to make sure the nation hears their needs.

"So at the national level, that's what's happening and at the state level, we're showing our support by standing at our Capitols and demanding those things happen, but also demanding other things we need to happen locally," said Chad Bourgeois, representative for Ascension Parish Libertarian Party.

Bourgeois said he wants change. He thinks the government isn't listening the needs of the people and the children.

"We feel it is watering down our educational requirements and not producing professionals that could either work as a professional such as me, a chemical engineer or even as some of my colleagues here," Bourgeois said.

Bourgeois is a dad, and he thinks Common Core should be no more.

"We believe Common Core ruins all the skills needed to build a successful life and a successful community," Bourgeois asserted.

State lawmakers still haven't come up with exactly what they want to do about Common Core, but Bourgeois along with the dozens of other protesters think it's unconstitutional.

"Call it Common Core or call it business as usual, we do not like what's happening with our educational system and what happens to our educational system is going to happen to our society as these kids become young and responsible adults," Bourgeois said.

"It allows them to indoctrinate children into a different mindset. Right now, our government is abandoning the foundation that our forefathers laid to build this country," said Brian Ardoin of Overpass For America.

Bourgeois said, even though everyone here may not always see eye-to-eye, there's something they can all agree on.

"We truly back these two groups in regards to shrinking the size of the government," Bourgeois said.

Operation American Spring is a nationwide organization with more than a million members, and more than a hundred right here in Louisiana.

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