Zachary family picking up the pieces after overnight fire destroys home, kills pets

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POSTED: Tuesday, November 27, 2012 - 6:15pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 28, 2012 - 1:52pm

An early morning fire consumed a home in Zachary. Now, just before Christmas, fire officials say it's a total loss; the four people who lived here say their loss is “devastating."

Fire crews spent the morning putting out the hotspots on the house on the 21000 block of Jay Cox in Zachary.

David Sutton and his family were inside when he heard what sounded like a lightning strike, but didn't think anything of it. But just seconds later, flames were already shooting out of the roof.

“One of the neighbors saw the smoke coming out, and I woke up to banging on the door,” stated Sutton. “I tried to put it out, but it wasn’t going on.”

NBC33 has been told there may have been an explosion.

When firefighters got there, the family of four, which included two small children, were already out of the house and safe. Sutton went back inside to get the family’s pets, but it was too late.

“I couldn't get the two of our dogs and two of our cats. We lost just about everything.”

Even with the loss so close to the Holidays, Sutton and his family say they have a lot to be grateful for.

“I’m grateful to the fire department – to the gentleman that saved our lives. I’m grateful my family is alive, and we have friends and family to take care of us.”

Zachary fire investigators say that lightning may be to blame for the fire, but as for the possible explosion, that's still under investigation.

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Heartbreaking... I hope the family has friends and extended family nearby who can take them in. Is there a charity that is accepting donations to help this family directly?

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