Walker roads covered in water

Saturday, September 3, 2011 - 5:13pm

In Walker, water covers a lot of low-lying roads in the area. In some places, the water is two feet deep, and residents expect it to get deeper.

Donald Wilson has seen it before. “You get some adventure-takers, who have big four-wheel drives. They’ll come through here and realize the road is flooded. There will be a few of them that get stuck down there,” he says.

Wilson and his family live off of Black Mud Road in Walker. With a storm like Lee on the way, the winding street is bound to see some flooding.
“Lake Maurapas backs up. The Amite River backs up. Everything backs up and there’s nowhere for the runoff to go.”

Wilson estimates that the water, right now, is more than a foot deep, and if the rain keeps coming, so will the flooding.

“Probably this time tomorrow, this water will be all through here. We’ll probably have eight or ten inches in the yard, but it won’t get all the way up to the house.”

Earlier today, Livingston Sheriff’s deputies say a car got stuck on Black Mud Road with water all the way up to its windows. Wilson says its won’t be the last.

“I’ve been watching people drive through here all morning.”

And while some enjoy that high water, Wilson says he’ll keep his feet, and wheels, on dry ground. “I wouldn’t go through that water with my truck right now.”

Wilson says he’s not worried about the rain flooding his home. In fact, most residents in the area say they’re not worried about the situation. Instead, it’s some of the lower-lying areas in southern part of Livingston parish that are a major concern.

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