Two Baton Rouge Red Cross volunteers help in tornado relief

Two Baton Rouge Red Cross volunteers help in tornado relief
Courtesy of Clay Smilie
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POSTED: Friday, May 31, 2013 - 6:05pm

UPDATED: Friday, May 31, 2013 - 6:19pm

Five Red Cross Volunteers from Baton Rouge are helping with recovery efforts in Moore, Oklahoma after a devastating tornado.

Clay and Kathy Smilie have helped out in other disasters, but the scene in Moore is unlike any they've ever seen.

"Well it was a sense of shock and disbelief primarily... it's just those things come up so quickly and really in the matter of minutes or even less than a minute sometimes just totally destroys everything," Clay said.

"Actually the first day we were roving around the area feeding people from the Red Cross truck," Kathy said. "We were seeing people in the area for the first time, and trying to recover some of their belongings from underneath the splinter of their homes."

Their primary job is to make sure everyone, not just victims have enough food to get them through these times.

"We've been feeding hot meals as we rove through the different neighborhoods, " Clay said.

Clay believes he's in awe of how quickly things are coming together.

"It's been amazing how quickly the utilities and the clean up efforts began right after the storm. Very impressive," Clay said. "A lot of different groups have been here helping to clean up and even helping to feed and pass out clean up supplies."

Even through this disaster, they know they're helping people.

"We're always hearing from the people that they are really thankful that they are alive and that's there's so many people so much outpouring from everyone helping them out," Kathy said.

"We enjoy meeting the people and trying to help them out, give them positive feedback so they can move forward," Clay said.

The Smilies will be back their way back to Baton Rouge next week.   

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