Trying to save the cowboy culture

POSTED: Monday, July 18, 2011 - 2:46pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 - 5:23pm

Skeeter Jones is a cowboy and has been since the day he was born.

"When I was a baby, I actually climbed up the horse's tail. I used to clmb up the tail and get on the saddle."

With that one memory, he was hooked to the cowboy way of life. "I can remember my brother putting me on a horse when, I guess I was about two years old, and he carried me up on the road on him and brought me back," said Jones. "That just nailed it in right there and I've been on a horse ever since."

When he was growing up, it seemed like every kid dreamed of being a cowboy, but now Skeeter says fewer kids seem to find a seat in the saddle.

Though Skeeter is sad the cowboy culture he grew up with is dying out, he's doing everything he can to pass it on to the next generation. "It''s sad to know that they have no one to follow," stated Jones. "We do a kid program on Sunday at Southern to keep it instilled in the kids."

He hopes the program will help renew an interest for the next generation.

"A lot of kids, when (they take) that first round, that's a nail right there. They fall in love. Their mom and dad start riding horses and going to trail rides."

From the city to the country, Jones wants all kids to get a chance to feel the same things he does every day. Jones said, "You don't have no worries. That's when you throw everything away. You're on vacation every weekend."

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