Top 5 stories on the NBC33 website for 2012

POSTED: Monday, December 31, 2012 - 3:00pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, January 1, 2013 - 9:56pm

2012 was a record breaking year for the NBC33 website. seeing over 200 percent growth in visitors, our fans are know where to find the best in local news online. 

Here’s a look back at the top 5 local news stories you clicked on the most.

Number 5: Former Tigers Arrested

In October, LSU fans were shocked to learn that former LSU football stars Tyrann Mathieu and Jordan Jefferson were arrested for Simple Possession of Marijuana.

"The officers said they were over powered by the smell of marijuana," Sgt. Don Kelly, Baton Rouge Police Department, said the day of the arrest. 

Officers were at the door of Tyrann’s apartment after an employee at the complex called police because former LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson allegedly scaled the fence, causing a commotion. In the end, Mathieu, Jefferson, and two additional players were placed under arrest and back in the headlines.

Mathieu was in the process of trying to regain his status on the team. At the beginning of the season, Mathieu was placed under permanent suspension due to violations of school and team policy. The arrest ruined any chance he had of returning to the purple and gold, but the “Honey Badger” does what he wants, so he entered the nfl draft a few weeks later.
Number 4: Lil’ Boosie Trial

The week long trial for Baton Rouge-based rapper Lil' Boosie, aka Torrence Hatch, made national headlines. he was accused of hiring hit-man Michael Louding to kill Terry Boyd back in 2009. The charge of First-Degree Murder would have brought with it a life sentence.

The jury sided with the defense and hatch was found Not Guilty of the crime.

"Torrence Hatch had nothing to do with this crime,” Jason Williams, Defense Attorney, said.
The verdict, however, did not free the rapper. He's still serving out the remainder of his 8 year sentence for drug charges.
Number 3: Tigerland Beating

A man found unconscious in a ditch sparked much attention to the growing crime problem in the Tigerland area.

Gunner Williamson died of blunt force trauma back in March. His family believes he was robbed, beaten and left for dead.

"And they were just begging him to wake up," a friend close to the family told NBC33 News.

The story came one week after a photo circulated social media of a man who was badly beaten in the Tigerland area.

"I don't feel safe in this area at all,” Dana Smith, concerned Tigerland resident, said. “I don't go anywhere by myself at night."

No arrests have been made in either of those cases.
Number 2: Airbrush Controversy

An airbrushed picture from an LSU football game caught attention from media outlets across the globe. Four purple and gold fans known as the "Painted Posse" were featured in an email sent out by the university after a home game. The controversy came with the decision to airbrush out the crosses that were painted on their chests.

"Without the cross being there, we're missing part of us," Cameron Cooke, member of the Painted Posse, said.

Officials said they did it to, “avoid making any religious or political statements.” Although the members of the Painted Posse were upset by the decision, they didn't hold a grudge.

"We're going to be there game in, game out," Joel D’Aubin, member of the Painted Posse, said.

Ultimately the university apoligized for altering the picture seen round the globe.

As for the now-famous Painted Posse, they're still proud to be part of Tiger Nation.
Number 1: interstate Shutdown

An overturned 18-wheeler shut down a major portion of I-10 for nearly two days back in August. The tanker truck was hauling isobutane - a highly flammable liquid. Any false move would have turned the leaking truck into a bomb, which forced officials to move slowly and cautiously. But that also caused major headaches for drivers.
"Come on now - one wreck and we've been shut down since 5 this morning," an angry motorist said while sitting in traffic.
Surface roads were packed with commuters, forcing some to sit idle for hours. 
And that's a wrap on the top local stories you clicked on this year.
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