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Tony the Tiger to be moved

Tony the Tiger to be moved

POSTED: Wednesday, November 2, 2011 - 7:16pm

UPDATED: Friday, November 11, 2011 - 7:59pm

Tony the Tiger will soon have to find a new home. A judge has stripped Tony's owner, Michael Sandlin, of the ability to keep the tiger. "We're delighted that the judge ruled today as he did last time that the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries was in violation of the permit that allowed Tony to be at the truck stop," ays Animal Legal Defense Fund spokesperson Lisa Franzetta.

That decision happened back in May and was then overturned. Sandlin's attorney Steve LeBlanc says they will fight this decision, "We think the judge is totally wrong with his decision. The First Circuit reversed them before in the case on the motion for a next trial we filed. We hoped that the first circuit would reverse them again."

The Animal Legal Defense Fund hopes that won't happen. They say Tony's rightful place is not at a truck stop, but in a sanctuary, "Our end game in this case is to see Tony living out his life in a reputable sanctuary where he's free from the noise and the fumes that he's been living with for the past decade at the truck stop," says Franzetta.

But Sandlin says that he can take care of Tony better than any sanctuary could and if Tony does end up at one he feels his life is in danger, "You can go to some of these sanctuaries that they want to send Tony to that don't have as much room as Tony has. It doesn't have the hands on one on one care that we give Tony. He could be dead in two years. I will be heartbroken it he's dead."

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Maybe Sandlin should try living in Tony's cage for a few years and see which would be a better life. These animals deserve to be wild and live in their natural habitat. We have no business keeping them as pets or for attractions.
Let him go to the sanctuary where at least he will have peace and quiet and the company of other tigers. He has faithfully served you for the past 10 years, let him go and live out the remainder of his life with some dignity.

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