Together Baton Rouge is ready to tackle education starting from the bottom up

Together Baton Rouge is ready to tackle education starting from the bottom up
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POSTED: Tuesday, November 5, 2013 - 4:56pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, November 5, 2013 - 5:11pm

Education reform is something the state has been tackling for years but one organization believes it finally has a solution to the ongoing controversial issue. With the recent cuts to education at a state level, many people are concerned with the direction our public schools are heading.

Together Baton Rouge has come up with an idea. It’s a new strategy to get our youth excited about learning again and a way to work from the ground up.

The two hundred plus people that came together Tuesday are more than excited to get the ball rolling, one school at a time.

"In our state we were having some troubles with it,” said Together Baton Rouge Education Chair, Rene Singelton. ”It’s a community responsibility to get up to rise up and to go deep to fully embrace pubic education."

René singleton is one of the women behind the idea; "alliance schools" which is a new strategy that she hopes will change the future of education in our state.

"This really does work and it’s not a quick fix but it’s a definite fix."

Together Baton Rouge is ready to tackle this problem.

"Hopefully a group like this can take on this challenge and help us come up with the answers of how we can save our children because that’s what we need,” said former school board member, Press Robinson Sr. “If we don’t save our children, we don’t save our community and if we don’t save our community, we don't save our world."

Talking it out, identifying problems and rounding up volunteers are only a few of the first steps toward success.

“These concerns will emerge and we will identify them," noted Singelton.

One of the main issues that TBR says needs to be worked on the most is what happens outside of the classroom.

“Getting parents more and more involved,” said Singelton.

"They can assist them in finding that niche that they need to have because actually they are the first teachers and we need that in education today," said Robinson.

Singelton reassures the public that by having the community working together on this, the future looks brighter than ever before.

"Give it the time to develop and I think you will see the results."

Together Baton Rouge will begin with Progress Elementary. The whole school is on board and ready to start tackling the problem with the help of those volunteers in public schools.

To volunteer please visit their website here.

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