Teacher's presence missed at Brusly High School

Thursday, September 1, 2011 - 8:16pm

It's been almost two months since family and friends have heard from Sylviane Lozada. You may recall, she's the Brusly High School foreign languages teacher. She's been missing since July 5th, and her disappearance has shocked the community.

Brusly High School started back up on August 12th. Students and teacher say they started the school year with holes in their hearts.

Nancy Cipriano and Sylviane shared a door between their classrooms. "I feel hopeless now because that door isn't opening for me to help her," says Cipriano.

She says there's a shadow hanging over the high school, now that Sylviane is gone. "Many of them won't walk by the classroom," she says of her students. "They go all the way around so they don't have to walk past that door."

Sylviane's disappearance is impacting everyone in different ways. "It makes me sick," says Liza Whittington. She's the girl's basketball coach, and a member of the school's staff. She knew Sylviane well. "She was just such a beautiful person."

Whittington is one of four women who have stayed close to Sylviane's case. They were her colleagues, but more importantly they were her friends.

"We're sharing the memory of her together," says English teacher, Libby Neighbor. "Its linked us because of her."

Since Sylviane's disappearance, they have dedicated their time to finding her. "Most of all, we want justice," says Neighbor.

Not a day goes by that Sylviane isn't on their minds. "Her name comes up on every phase of this school," says Karen Wooley, Sylviane's closest friend.

Memories of Sylviane's heels clattering on the hallway floor, of her smile, and her laugh; the things that made Sylviane unique. It's those moments that will keep her memory alive.

"She brought so much to this school," says Cipriano. "It's hard to believe she's not here anymore."

Sylviane's friends say they are hoping to create a scholarship in Sylviane's honor for an exceptional foreign language student every year.

Learn more about the search for Sylviane on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Help-Locate-Sylviane-Finck-Oscar-and-Angelina-Lozada/170088216393190

Also keep up to date with the latest information on Sylviane on Kelsey's NBC33 Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Kelsey-Scram-NBC-33/207175132647790

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