Students line up to find out if they are a ‘marrow’ match

Students line up to find out if they are a ‘marrow’ match

POSTED: Tuesday, November 13, 2012 - 5:30pm

UPDATED: Thursday, November 15, 2012 - 9:46am

Students at LSU got a chance to sign up to become bone marrow donors Tuesday.

Representatives from be the match met with students to teach them about the importance of donating bone marrow. Students ages 18 to 44 qualified to participate.

Students filled out paperwork and swabbed their checks to see if they were a match for people on the donors list. Event organizers say LSU is the perfect spot to find donors because of the diverse make up of its students.

"Each year we have over ten thousand patients that are diagnosed a disease that would cause them to need a bone marrow transplant,” Natalie Rowe, Be The Match, said. “We can only do those transplants if we have that diversity on the registry."

Organizers say their goal was to sign up 50 new people to the donor list.

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Hi, my name is Katie Stelly, and I was a co-host of the drive we held on LSU's campus. A huge heartfelt thanks goes out to all of the students who joined the registry today. We added over 50 new members! The drive was held in honor of a local Baton Rouge wife and mother named Stephanie who is currently looking for a stem cell donor. Thanks to your support, we may have found her match today, or maybe, we will have found a match for someone else. Regardless, thank you! You made a difference!

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