Southern Board of Supervisors votes against financial emergency

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011 - 7:52pm

Southern University will not declare a financial emergency.

But, now they'll have to find other ways to balance the budget.

The Southern University Board of Supervisors decided against what's been called a worst case scenario.

It would've called for all tenured professors to take paycuts a ten percent furloughs for the next two years.

Chancellor James llorens says not declaring a financial emergency means his staff are going to have to face layoffs.

Llorens is shocked the board made that decision.

But it's one that Southern students seem happy with.

"I'm very happy at the fact that they didn't declare a Financial Exigency because I think that it could in essence destroy the University and there is an HBCU that has had to do that." - Mia Crawford, a Southern Student said.

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