SNAP benefits to be reduced in November, local charities prepare for influx of need

SNAP benefits to be reduced in November, local charities prepare for influx of need
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POSTED: Thursday, October 31, 2013 - 6:23pm

UPDATED: Monday, November 4, 2013 - 3:31pm

Starting November 1, SNAP beneficiaries will see about a 5% reduction in their monthly benefits

Andrea Lewis and her son come to St. Vincent De Paul at least a few days a month, usually towards the end of the month when her SNAP benefits run out.

"It's not enough, that's why I come to St. Vincent De Paul for a hot, course meal. It's very important to me because my baby need it because some people out here are just poor and we can't get it," explained Lewis.

But come November 1, Lewis is going to have to rely on the free hot meals more often. That's because the amount of money she, and one million others in the state receive, will soon be reduced.

Lewis said she plans to start relying on St. Vincent De Paul more when her benefits are reduced.

“It's wonderful that it's here, they feed you for free, they give you clothes, canned goods and stuff and they give it to the homeless people."

St. Vincent De Paul CEO Michael Acaldo explained that his team is already bracing for the influx of hungry mouths to feed.

"Any reduction in food stamp funding means one thing. We'll see more people. Are we ready? Barely. We need food, we need volunteers, we need people to help us to meet this growing demand," shared Acaldo.

The story is the same at the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank.

"We're already strained because we can't meet the need we already have in our 11 parish service area so it's very important for us to find other ways to mitigate that, but right now there's really not much hope for that," explained Manning.

Both organizations are hoping that the community will also step up and help fill those gaps in any way that they can.

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Maybe they should give out job apps to the people that can walk in un aided to reduce the soaking of the systems benifits.

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