Safety Tips: Running in cold weather

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POSTED: Saturday, January 4, 2014 - 10:31am

UPDATED: Sunday, January 5, 2014 - 3:05pm

In order to get from start to finish, you've got to put in some work. And with below freezing temperatures, take precaution when running in cold weather.

Trainer at Anytime Fitness, Caroline Chatelain agrees, "It is cold outside and everyone loves to run in cold weather, so I would recommend drinking lots of water. Because it's colder, you don't realize you're actually sweating as you would outside in the summer heat.  So make sure you're hydrated, wearing hats or earmuffs keeping you warm because you lose a lot of heat."

And sweat bands aren't just for keeping you dry. You can cover your nose and mouth to warm the air coming into your lungs. Training inside can also be an option.

Meet Allison Durdin. She's gearing up for the Louisiana marathon--a 26.2 mile run. But she says preparing is no walk in the park.  "It's been cold, so it's been a struggle to run in that. A couple of weeks ago, I ran twenty miles with my Varsity running group friends and at about mile 18, we started, as they call 'hitting the wall.'"  'Hitting the wall' is when your body experiences sudden fatigue or energy loss.  Trainers say recognize the signs when you see them. "If you're feeling lightheaded, you probably didn't eat enough.  [If you're] nauseous, I would stop running. Don't overtrain.

Durdin added, "And when I start running, I normally have gloves on, your extremities
get cold mainly in the beginning of the race."  Despite the struggle, this runner says plans to finish strong.
"I think it's going to be very successful. I've been training hard, training with my friends."

If you're feeling consistent pain, runners say take it easy.  Trainers and trainees agree, "listen to your body."   So whether you run, walk, or a little bit of both, make sure to prepare, and remember "just take your time and have fun. it's all about having fun," said Chatelain.

No matter the weather, Trainers always suggest not to run in the dark, and if you must--wear reflective or bright clothing.

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