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Runners brave the freeze

Wednesday, December 7, 2011 - 10:49pm

Just because it's cold outside doesn't stop people from getting their daily workout.  They simply have to bundle up, or at least, some of them do.
"Wear long sleeve shirt, hat and gloves and that's about it," said Taylor Gwin, as he prepared to run around the LSU lakes.

At least the top half of his body was covered, but for the lower half, only shorts.

Of course, there are options.  You can always get a membership, join and gym, and enjoy a climate-controled workout.

Breaking a light sweat at a constant 72 degrees is Tiffany Tran's preferred method, whether during the dog days or the dead of winter.

"I don't like sweating," said Tran.  Being outside in the heat, i get sweaty.  And in the cold, I get sick."

But for those hearty outdoor enthusiasts, here's a few tips to beat the cold, and not have the cold beat you.
"Dress in layers. something you can take off and put on," said Ched Lambert, general manager at Bally's.  "Also protect your extremities. Ear, hands, feet."

You also should be sure to drink plenty water..
"People in the cold don't feel they sweat a bunch," said Lambert.  "So they think they don't have to drink that much."

At the very least, the cold weather is motivation, and a vigorous push to the finish.
"Try to get it done quick as possible," Gwin said.  "And get back warm."

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