Residents upset about random vandalism: car windows all shattered

Residents upset about random vandalism: car windows all shattered
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POSTED: Friday, May 17, 2013 - 5:30pm

UPDATED: Monday, May 20, 2013 - 11:48am

Residents in a small subdivision in Walker are upset and looking for answers after they woke up this morning to shattered car windows.

Walker Police says it appears to have been a bb gun and it all happened between 10:00 Thursday night and 6:00 Friday morning at homes located on JR Dr.

Residents I talked to are furious. They say this is not only a threat to their children's safety but this vandalism is costing them money they don't have to spare.

“About 6:30 and she came inside and said something's wrong with dad's truck the windows blown out," said Walker resident, Stacy Underwood.

Stacy Underwood didn't understand, and then she looked around her street and noticed she wasn't the only one.

"Come to find out there is at least 4 of us who got hit," noted Underwood.

Bengy Henry lives a few houses down from Stacy. He's another unlucky one.

"I had a little bit right here but once I closed the door it all fell,” said Bengy Henry.

He has an early shift, so he discovered his broken window around two this morning. And he says he didn't see it coming.

Not only are the residents upset, they have to replace new windows, it’s also a potential safety risk for their kids.

"It does concern me because I have a home day care because I have got a lot kids around and it does concern me for the safety," said Henry.

On top of that, car windows are not the easiest things to repair.

“I ended up finding one at the salvage yard for 50 bucks," noted Henry.

Stacey says money is tight and this extra unnecessary repair will set them back along with others tight on cash that live in her neighborhood.

"It's senseless and it's costing people like us money to cover the damage which isn't fair," stated Underwood.

Residents told NBC33 they assume it might be teenagers trying to cause some problems.

Walker Police say these acts were not an attempt to break into the cars, just to cause damage. They also urge anyone with information to contact them directly.

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