Residents angry officials skipped town hall regarding Assumption Parish sinkhole

Residents angry officials skipped town hall regarding Assumption Parish sinkhole
Thursday, September 20, 2012 - 9:22pm

Residents of Bayou Corne and its surrounding communities wanted information Thursday night. Unfortunately for them, they are not getting it.

The community gathered for a town hall meeting about the sinkhole, which had been organized over the previous three days.

Texas Brine, Assumption Parish officials, and representatives from all the state agencies handling the response were invited. But Texas Brine was the only one to show up, and the company played only a very small part in the event.

Instead, the dozens of residents who filled St. Joseph the Worker Church were left to talk amongst themselves, and compile the bits of information they had all heard.

Then they gathered up a list of all the questions they wanted answered, so they can be prepared for the next time they get a chance to speak with the sinkhole response team.

The residents were mad that nobody took the time to attend the meeting.

"And these companies are washing these salt domes out with water," one concerned woman said. "It's going to weaken the dome, and when they bring that water out, it stands to reason that sooner or later, it's going to collapse."

While they did not get the answers they wanted, the residents think they accomplished something at the meeting.

"What was accomplished," said John Hillman, "was that people are frustrated and recognize that very little is being done. And that their officials are not even willing to respond to their request for information."

Those residents will have to hold onto their concerns for another two weeks. That is when they have been told that the government will be ready to sit down with the public and share information about the process.

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