Recall election could cost Port Allen an upwards of 11 grand

Recall election could cost Port Allen an upwards of 11 grand
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POSTED: Wednesday, September 4, 2013 - 6:00pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, September 4, 2013 - 6:04pm

With the recent recall petition stemming from the one filed Tuesday for Mayor Deedy Slaughter, special elections could be in the horizon for Port Allen. The catch is, holding a special election comes at a price.

"It's not cheap," said Port Allen, CFO, Audrey McCain.

McCain says she saw this coming, a possible recall election for Port Allen mayor Deedy Slaughter.

“I know there were a lot of disgruntled folks and I am not surprised," noted McCain.

But she tells NBC33, this "special" election could fall on the cities shoulders, costing them a quite a few bucks.

“It’s going to cost pretty good, depending on how many things are on the ballet with determine what the cost the city."

Some locals say it doesn’t matter the cost, like William King, he says Port Allen needs to rebuild its reputation.

"As citizens were kind of embarrassed we feel like were a laughing stock of South Louisiana right now," noted King.

So he says go right ahead, allocate the money, do what needs to be done.

"Our cities going down the wrong path and we have to make the unfortunate investment to try and get it corrected," said King.

But others say the whole thing is a big mess and simply a waste of time.

“I don't think a recall is a good idea, it’s going to cause us taxpayer’s lot of money and I don't think this is big enough for us to pay for that,” said Port Allen resident, Rodney Carvine.

Another resident, Arthur Cagle says it’s time the people are heard.

“I think it needs to be done,” noted Cagle. “I think the people need to express there will.”

And McCain says this recall is merely the people of Port Allen voicing their concern.

“I think that’s always a good thing when citizens step up and be heard," said McCain.

She says the money for a special election will be budgeted in strategically, if there is one held. As of Wednesday, the registrar of voters has 14 days to verify the signatures of the recall petition. Once verified, it will be sent to the governor who will have 15 days to make a decision.

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