Pothole damages woman's car, City denies claim

Tuesday, October 11, 2011 - 11:53pm

Melonie Pryer had her Dodge Neon fitted for new front tires. She spent Tuesday at the shop, forking out a few hundred dollars after a rough patch of road near her apartment damaged the front end.

"They look like speedbumps, but they're higher than speedbumps," Pryer said of the road conditions. "So you literally have to stop."

The road responsible for the damage is North Harrell's Ferry, between Sherwood Forest and Boulevard De Province in Baton Rouge. Pryer says she normally goes around the bumps, but traffic on both sides forced her to take them head-on. Along with new tires, she needs an alignment and new tire rods. The job will cost more than $400.

It's a city road, but the repairs will have to come out of her pocket. She filed a complaint with the city, but it was later denied, even though the street had been previously identified for repairs.

"it is in need of rehab,” said David Guillory, with Baton Rouge Public Works Department. “We targeted it about two years ago.”

The public works department said they sent out a team to fill in some potholes after Pryer filed her claim. But footage shows the large bumps remain, right next to the filled-in potholes.

"That road is horrible,” Pryer said. “No way to patch up a few potholes when you have huge speedbumps."

Starting next week, Guillory said crews will begin to repave North Harrell's Ferry.

"We're glad the rehab program is picking it up,” Guillory said. “It's in need of maintenance."

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