Portable toilets still on streets one week after Mardi Gras

Portable toilets still on streets one week after Mardi Gras

POSTED: Tuesday, February 28, 2012 - 12:00pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, February 28, 2012 - 12:04pm

Some portable toilets installed for the Mardi Gras celebrations are still on the streets even after the festivities.

"I would think by now they should have been moved," said resident Desiree Jones.

Jones said she was surprised to see a dozen at Jefferson Davis Parkway and Canal Street.

"Especially on Canal Street -- this is a business area and they don't really need to be there," Jones said.

Bonnie Wilson, a New Orleans resident, said she never liked portalets, but she disliked it even more one week after the Mardi Gras.

"They just look horrible. They are just hideous looking," Wilson said. "They don't keep them clean during the Mardi Gras parade, because I went into one and there was a vomit in there."

A spokesman for the mayor said city employees are picking them up and should be cleared by the end of the week.

Former city councilwoman Peggy Wilson said she wonders why the city is overseeing the port-a-lets at all.

"I didn't know the city was in the portalet business. I would think outside contractors -- that ought to be written into their contract -- that they come pick it up after they deliver it," said Wilson.

Jones said it's a cleanliness issue.

"You have to be considerate of it all. You have children and people passing. No one wants to inhale that," said Jones.

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