Pit bull shot by New Orleans Police Officer

Pit bull shot by New Orleans Police Officer

POSTED: Wednesday, September 12, 2012 - 10:30am

UPDATED: Friday, June 21, 2013 - 9:25am

Tonight a pit bull is being treated for gunshot wounds, and the dog's owner feels betrayed by the NOPD.

Two-year-old Sable is now recovering from what may have been the worst morning of her life. Ariel Buckmaster says her pit bull was shot twice by an NOPD officer outside their Ninth Ward home. The dogs blood still stained their front porch.

"I'm in shock right now. My heart is broken because if she had done something wrong and the officer needed to defend himself then I could sit back and say my animal did something wrong, he deserved this, but she did not," says Buckmaster.

Early Tuesday morning Buckmaster called police twice after issues unfolded on her block. The second time cops came out Sable paid for it.

Sable was shot by a utility pole feet from Buckmaster's house. The gate is usually locked and it was locked this morning, but Sable slipped out.

Buckmaster says, "She went to him. She was not growling. She was not barking. Her hair was not up on her back in attack mode. She went a little quicker than usual, but she did not look dangerous. None of the other officers looked afraid, but one, he didn't even think twice, he just stepped back and took out his gun and shot her twice and then stood in the streets and laughed about it."

Doctors at Southeast Veterinary expect Sable to recover. They still don't know if she'll need surgery, and advise all dog owners to make sure their pets are indoors or in secure enclosures when police or strangers come by.

"I feel like I no longer trust police anymore and I have no respect for them anymore," says Buckmaster.

The NOPD says more than one dog escaped and attacked the officers. None of the officers was injured, but the Police Monitor, the Public Integrity Bureau, and the SPCA are all investigating.

Ariel Buckmaster is hoping for donations to help her pay for Sable's medical care. You can make a donation at Southeast Veterinary Specialists in Metairie.


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I heard this dog bit a friend of mine today......Not sure both sides of this story are being heard in this article.

she told me she pay for the brutal attack on my dog and then she screamed at my vet refuses to talk to me and her dog bit me
she should not have dogs

her dog attacked me and my dog this morning causing us to go to the hospital and she told my doctors she would not help us
her dog bit me and she would not turn over her dogs records
her dog attacked me and my 13 year old shepard

The only one I would be looking for to pay this bill is that officer who was laughing! What a jerk!

that woman is not a good woman

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