Pickup truck loses car being pulled down Acadian, driver flees scene

Pickup truck loses car being pulled down Acadian, driver flees scene

POSTED: Tuesday, March 20, 2012 - 8:17pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, March 21, 2012 - 8:23am

A pickup truck towing a vehicle down Acadian near Government lost its pull and dropped a four-door vehicle sometime around 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 20. The car slammed into a nearby concrete wall and the driver fled the scene.

“We were watching TV and we hear a screeching sound. We saw a car hit the wall in front of these people’s houses, so I ran outside and across the street and we checked in the car and there was no one inside,” a resident of the Villa’s Condominiums, located across the street from the accident, told NBC33 News when describing the incident. “Then we witnessed a pickup truck with a tow on the back go up the wrong way on Acadian.”

We’re told the driver of the white pickup truck seemed to be towing the vehicle. Once a crowd of people began to form, we’re told the driver of the pickup truck fled the scene at a high rate of speed, going the wrong way down the road before jumping into the correct lane of travel.

“Sparks were flying,” we’re told. “He just took off.”

The Baton Rouge Police Department was called to the accident and is currently investigating. Neighbors say this incident is one that’s becoming all too familiar.

“About a month ago someone hit the telephone pole right there on the corner of Acadian and Claycut. Then, last year, someone went through the living room of that house right there on the corner [located very close to where this accident occurred].”

Also last year, a suspect fleeing from Police crashed into the corner of a brick building located across the street from this accident.

“The one good thing that I will say about this is how many people came rushing outside when they heard the sound,” the witnessed continued to explain. “It makes you feel good to know that if something bad happens, people are looking to make sure someone sees what happens.”

Residents believe the frequency of accidents at that corner is due to drivers going too fast down the four-lane road. Although they cannot say whether this is the case regarding this incident, they do hope it will serve as a reminder for motorists to maintain the speed limits and exercise caution on the roadway.

All information released in this story was provided from eye witness testimony.

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