People in Baton Rouge react to Healthcare Reform fix

People in Baton Rouge react to Healthcare Reform fix
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Thursday, November 14, 2013 - 5:37pm

President Obama is under fire for breaking a promise. He's ordered the new insurance standards lowered for one year. So, he said if you like your plan you, in fact, will be able to keep your it in many cases, but not all.

That's good news for people who've lost their policies, but their premiums are still going up.

People have mixed feelings about President Obama's attempt to fix healthcare. Obviously, some are hopeful, and some want nothing to do with it.

Louis Ravasio's livid. His insurance rates increased, and he does not think the Affordable Care Act is worth the trouble.

"It's ridiculous. There are problems that are inherent in this. It financially doesn't make any sense. The government doesn't make any sense. I don't understand the whole process and I don't think anybody does," Ravasio said. "We can't afford it. My rates have gone up two to two and a half times. Other people's are being triple and quadrupled. People are being dropped. We can't afford to do this. We have too many other problems in our society and in our country."

Obama promised he's fixing the glitches in healthcare reform, but Ravasio's not convinced.

"Friends of mine I know have been dropped and have been long-term with their insurance companies, and now they're dropped," Ravasio said. "So now, they're out there panicking. They're going to have to be forced to get on Obamacare or whatever that is and I'm not sure anybody quite understands what that is."

Ansanta Barnes needs healthcare. She's uninsured, but she's still hopeful that the president's latest promise is something he'll stick by, and eventually, healthcare reform will be fixed.

"It might be some difficulties that people don't understand and that Obama is trying to help us out. I feel that he's trying his best because there's a lot of things he has to clean up," Barnes said. "I think he's doing a good job. I mean there might be some glitches. People have to be patient with him and stuff because he has a lot of stuff that's on his plate. I think it's going to help us out a lot if we can all be patient and just be calm and relaxed."

Insurance representatives for our state-run healthcare exchange said they are working with the Louisiana Department of Insurance to determine who will get their current coverage back and where to go after that.

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