People in Baton Rouge react to FDA's proposed ban

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POSTED: Friday, November 8, 2013 - 6:31pm

UPDATED: Friday, November 8, 2013 - 7:11pm

Some of America's favorite foods, like doughnuts, french fries, even pizza, may be a thing of the past. The FDA wants to ban artificial trans fats to keep Americans heart-healthy.

Delaney Smallwood is a personal trainer, and she makes nutrition plans for her clients all the time. Even though trans fats have no place in her diet plans, Smallwood doesn't think they should be banned.

"So, I think it would cause a little bIt of an over-reaction and a panic. It's just too drastic of a measure right now in the economy that we're in," Smallwood said. "Health-wise, great. Trans fats are really bad for you, but economically, it would shut down a lot of restaurants. They'd have to completely revamp. It would shut down grocery stores. They'd have to do completely different products. It would be a lot more expensive."

FDA officials announced Thursday, artificial trans fats are not safe and too much of them can increase your chances of a heart attack.
Smallwood agreed, but she doesn't think banning them would solve the problem.

"But the problem is, trans fat can be in a food, but it doesn't have to be on that label. It could say 'no trans fat,' but there could be 0.5% of it," Smallwood said. "So, it would be beyond difficult. You'd have to redo all labels, and people would have to be informed on it and people would be even more crazy about the fat thing."

Connor Sullivan lives a healthy lifestyle and thinks moderation is key.

"Now, there's great foods that I love. I mean I had doughnuts last Tuesday, and they were fantastic. I'm not going to eat them every day because I know that they're bad for me, but I believe everything in moderation is fantastic," Sullivan said. "I think people need to know what trans fats are. I think they need to be more educated by parents, family, friends. It's the individual's fault, not the trans fat's fault. It's really on the individual's."

Right now, the FDA's holding a 60-day comment period, where people can give their opinions before they make a final decision.

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