People get supplies ready for Isaac

Monday, August 27, 2012 - 4:59pm

"I wanted to be prepared," says Mallory Cramer.

Drivers like Mallory Cramer have bad memories of trying to fill up their tanks before Hurricane Katrina and she doesn't want to go through that ever again.

“It seemed like for days. You sitting there waiting for gas. I feel bad for anybody that’s already on empty cause they were probably cutting in pretty close," says Cramer. Phillip Saigeon also didn't want to take any chances. That's why he got to the gas station early on Monday to get twenty gallons of fuel.

"I've been through two or three hurricanes in the last five, seven years. So, it's just coming down if you're not ready you won't be. If you don't do it in advance," says Saigeon.

And Saigeon says anybody who tries to get supplies Tuesday is going to be out of luck
"The key thing is 48 hours. If we're going to have trouble going on trying to get gas, food if you don't get it now you won't get it," says Saigeon

But others think if you're getting supplies Monday you're already in trouble

"If people are waitng till the last second. they're late. If they're doing it now, they're late," says Ken Pendarvis

And Richard Robichaux agrees. He found out stores are already running out of important supplies.

"I already went by Home Depot to get some gas cans and they were already out of gas cans, out of batteries. Some places are already out of stuff," says Richard Robichaux

That why's Pendarvis got everything he needed over the weekend. But for those like Robichaux who didn't, he's hoping for the best but fears the worst.

"you should always be prepared, so if you wait until the last second good luck," says Robichaux

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