Parish by Parish June 14, 2012

Thursday, June 14, 2012 - 7:39pm

Assumption - Sheriff's deputies arrested a man for allegedly trying to run over a deputy during a drug investigation. Deputies say this man, Russel Prean was about to be busted for distributing crack cocaine to undercover deputies. That's when Prean turned his car in reverse trying to get away. When that didn't work he charged forward towards a deputy. The deputy fired three shots hitting the car giving him enough time to get out of the way. A few moments later deputies caught back up with Prean on foot and arrested him. Prean was charged with attempted murder of a peace officer, aggravated flight from a police officer, and several drug charges.

Orleans - The woman arrested on unrelated charges in the disappearance and dismemberment of a mid-city New Orleans woman appeared in court on Thursday. Margaret Sanchez was arrested on unrelated charges Tuesday night after she and Terry Speaks were pulled over in a traffic stop for not using a turn signal, police said. Jaren Lockhart was reported missing last week. Days later her torso washed ashore on a beach in Bay St. Louis, Missouri. Other severed body parts washed ashore on Saturday, including her head. Sanchez and Terry Speaks were seen in a surveillance video from the strip club where Lockhart worked on Bourbon Street. Sanchez and Speaks are being called suspects by investigators, but no charges in the Lockhart investigation have been filed against them.

Acadia - A Super Bowl champ, under arrest. We're told Bryant Keith Ortego turned himself in to the Acadia parish sheriff's office Wednesday for the charge of prohibited sexual conduct through telecommunications between teacher and student. The sheriff's office wouldn't disclose any more details, but they say Ortego worked at a high school in Acadia parish, and the student he is accused of contacting is eighteen years old. Ortego played three seasons in the NFL, and was a part of the Chicago Bears 1985 Super Bowl winning season.

That's a look at what's happening - parish by parish.

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