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Operation Carpe Diem huge success: LSP continues to combat crime

Photo provided by staff.

POSTED: Friday, December 20, 2013 - 6:30pm

UPDATED: Saturday, December 21, 2013 - 2:59pm

Louisiana State Police celebrated a victory Friday evening. Hundreds of people are behind bars and thousands of pounds of drugs off the streets. This all happened in a six week effort to keep our state safe.

State Police troopers have been working tirelessly to get the criminals off the streets and ensure that you are safe this holiday season. Operation Carpe Diem was a seven week mission that was a huge success.

Governor Jindal hopes this mission was just an example to criminals, that they will be held accountable.

Over the past seven decades, the Louisiana State Police have made strides in our state and now have the numbers to prove it.

"We’re now a part of the community, instead of apart from it," said Louisiana State Police, Col. Mike Edmonson.

“1,029 state wide arrests, 6.5 million worth of narcotics."

Even 1,200 pounds of marijuana and countless illegal firearms have been seized over the past seven weeks. 160 specialized troops hit the streets on a mission to get the bad guys off them.

"This is a state trooper that simply takes traffic stops and goes beyond that,” noted Col. Edmonson. “We call it looking beyond the license place."

The main mission is to ensure the public is safe and hold the criminals accountable.

"We will catch you we will hunt you down and we will bring you to justice," said Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal.

Not only LSP but governor Jindal says the past few weeks were just the beginning.

“Obviously this was a successful initiative but we have more work to do to continue to keep our state and our families’ safe from these criminals," said Governor Jindal.

That's why LSP will continue to tirelessly protect the public.

"The basic human need in Louisiana was to feel safe," said Col. Edmonson.

Operation Carpe Diem has proven we are in good hands.

"I have been with this organization for 34 years and I couldn't be more proud."

These arrests also led to the discovery of sex trafficking offenders, two are in jail now. But state police are still on the lookout for one woman.

Darneesha Martin is believed to be in the Lafayette area. She's wanted for sex trafficking.

If you know where she is, please contact law enforcement immediately.

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