Officials feel evacuation plan was executed well, but will look to improve on future plans

Monday, September 17, 2012 - 7:41pm

Students living in campus dorms were finally given the green light to move back in just before 7:00 Monday night. The residence halls were the first buildings to be cleared after a bomb threat was called in to the sheriff's office around 10:30 Monday morning, evacuations were then ordered for the entire campus an hour later.

Officials with the LSU have said the delay was necessary to assess the situation and determine if an evacuation was needed.

University officials admit there is always room for improvement, but maintained overall their evacuation plan worked very well.

“Whether it’s hurricanes or any other evacuation, emergency, we’ll go back and look and see what we did well. What we could have done better, but at this point our intent is to be as safe as possible,” Herb Vincent, assistant vice chancellor at LSU, explained.

After the evacuation was ordered several students and faculty sat in bumper to bumper traffic for close to an hour, a situation that obviously left them worried. Despite the gridlock though officials said order was soon restored.

“Even though people are going to say they were stuck in traffic for extended periods of time in less than an hour they were able to bring some normalcy back to campus. So those first responders, those that are actually deemed necessary of going around checking each individual building were able to do the job," Colonel Mike Edmonson, with the Louisiana State Police said.

State and local police said they did reach out to other departments and agencies who have dealt with these types of situations before, they’re also working closely with the FBI. Police have vowed their first priority is to catch and prosecute the person responsible.


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