New website shares Louisiana seafood test results

New website shares Louisiana seafood test results
Friday, October 7, 2011 - 4:41pm

Louisiana officials launching a new campaign to prove once and for all that it's safe to eat seafood. Seafood is tested in the Bayou State more than anywhere else in the world, according to state officials.

"We are taking every measure to test for what we can find and report on what we do find," says Commissioner Mike Strain with the Department of Agriculture and Forestry.

Since May 2010, the Louisiana Seafood Safety Plan ran over 2,000 tests. Everything from shrimp and fish to water and sediment has gone under the microscope. That's about 330 samples every month.

"None of those samples have gotten close to the level of concern," says Bruce Springstein, secretary for the Department of Health and Hospitals.

Now, you will have access to those test results. "We obviously have to overcome some consumer resistances to Louisiana seafood," says Robert Barham, secretary for the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

A new website, called, let's you go see the test results for yourself.

"Consumers can make judgements about the seafood in Louisiana for themselves and for their family," says Barham.

He says the goal is to put more Louisiana seafood on your plate. "The FDA levels would allow you to eat over 60 pounds of shrimp a day for the next five years before you would reach a level of concern."

This is part of a an $18 million seafood safety campaign, funded by BP. Officials say they will continue to run tests for at least the next three years.  

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