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New Orleans stays dry thanks to levee protection system

Monday, September 5, 2011 - 3:56pm

Throughout the weekend pumps in Orleans Parish were working overtime to keep the Big Easy as dry as possible.

Some street flooding was reported this weekend, but the pumps sucked up the water and moved it to Lake Pontchartrain. Since Hurricane Katrina, there have been improvements to the levees and the pumps, so that water is expected to be taken care of.

"This event is not really testing the levees,” Chris Accardo, Army Corps of Engineers, explained. “Again, there's not much of a surge concern here. What this event is testing is more the rainfall ability. The ability to move rain from the city out to the lake. And that's what you see here. But as far as the levees, it's not really a threat to the levees or the floodwalls."

The great news is that everyone within the levee protection system faired well during the course of this storm.

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