Napoleonville community is ready to see local womans dogs gone, she says she's working on it

Napoleonville community is ready to see local womans dogs gone, she says she's working on it
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POSTED: Friday, November 8, 2013 - 5:07am

UPDATED: Monday, November 25, 2013 - 10:35am

A Napoleonville woman is speaking out about the community's concern about her dogs. The neighborhood is fed up with all the problems her animals cause.

"I have too many dogs and I know it."

Over twenty dogs, actually. Virgie Gauthe has had dogs her whole life but over the past few years they've become what the community considers, out of control.

“We have problems with the dogs keeping us up at night," said neighbor, Juanita Juperio

“Sometimes they bark at night but they don't bark without a reason,” noted Gauthe.

Juperio says it's not only the barking that's causing some concern.

“She picks up the stuff but the smell is still there, said Juperio. “That's so many dogs you cant help but the smell when there is wind or when its raining."

Charlotte King is more concerned with the dog's well-being.

“Since I have been here, about 4 dogs have been killed form another dog,” said King.

So when she was approached by law enforcement and the mayor, she did what she needed to do to comply.

“I had complaints, so I did what the mayor said to do I got a fence so they don’t dig out.”

Even with simple changes, her neighbors say something else needs to be done. So they are stepping in to make sure these dogs are saved and out of their neighborhood.

“I did research and once I got it altogether I repented it to her, and he was overwhelmed," said Alderman Renard Southall.

Vergie tells NBC33 she found another way to deal with it.

"I am working with the group to get them adopted."

But Alderman Southall says it’s not enough.

“I feel as if she's a slap in the face to the citizen of Napoleonville taking this problem to the extreme for some animals while everyone else lives are turned around and can't rest."

The community reached out to some agencies that have gone beyond the call of duty to assist to her satisfaction. Two of those highly consulted were Dr. Gary Balsamo, DVM MPH&TM, Assistant State Epidemiologist/state Public Health Veterinarian and Louisiana SPCA CEO & Director of Operations Ana Zorrilla.

Vergie chose not to work with the SPCA but to work with Rescue Me Animal Welfare. They are diligently working to adopt out all of her dogs.

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