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NAACP calls for termination of EBR Assistant DA

NAACP calls for termination of EBR Assistant DA
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POSTED: Friday, July 26, 2013 - 5:21pm

UPDATED: Saturday, July 27, 2013 - 2:47pm

District Attorney Hillar Moore said he has got a big decision to make after making the decision to suspend a prosecutor who allegedly made some racist comments regarding the Trayvon Martin case.

On Friday, the NAACP asked Moore to fire the ADA in question. Moore said no matter what decision he makes, people are going to be unhappy.

"This affects the community. The community is looking and we need to be fighting other people, not ourselves, and I am not happy I am in this position."
Moore said there's no time line for when he's going to make a decision. He also says he doesn't feel like this Assistant DA has let these comments ever affect any of his cases.

The ADA in question is currently suspended from his job, Moore wouldn’t specify if he was still being paid while on suspension.

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I hope he has better judgement than to be bullied by a bunch of racist , they should go back where they came from or to Chicago where blacks kill blacks on a daily basis and worry about the problems of black on black crime first. In a study I recently read most crime committed in the United States is done by black males on black males at a rate of aprox. 91% and total crime by young black males is aroung 85%. so they need to focus on that and not start more problems. I googled the info.

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