Man charged with arson, neighbors not surprised this happened

Man charged with arson, neighbors not surprised this happened
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POSTED: Thursday, August 22, 2013 - 7:00pm

UPDATED: Thursday, August 22, 2013 - 7:04pm

Charged with arson and violation of a protection order, Eric Dickerson in trouble after the Baton Rouge Fire Department says he tried to set a house on fire off of Plank rd. early Wednesday morning.

"They were nice people, nice christen people," said neighbor, Christian Zeno.

Christian Zeno lives next door to 3020 Lorraine dr. which is next door to a house that was almost set on fire Wednesday morning.

"There were 3 people in the home that escaped unharmed,” noted Baton Rouge Fire Department’s Curt Monte.

The Baton Rouge Fire Dept. arrived at the home around three in the morning on the 21st, when they discovered there was more to the story.

"We have knowledge that there was a protective order by someone that lived in the home that they had on this gentlemen, whether it was some sort of domestic dispute," said Monte.

Fighting that zeno says he never heard, he said his neighbors were quiet and not a problem.

“They got married a couple of weeks ago maybe 2 weeks ago,” noted Zeno.

After an investigation, they booked Mr. Eric Dickerson, they were able to charge him with aggravated arson, terrorizing and violation of a protection order.

Fire officials say you can keep your home safe from arson by keeping your home lit and keeping debris away.

"We see arsons for several different reasons,” noted Monte. “It could be to cover up a crime out of anger or some sort of dispute as we believe it was possibly in this case."

Zeno says, although he doesn't know much about the dispute or the arson, he’s not surprised it happened.

“This is Baton Rouge, a lot of stuff like this happens but I mean I didn't know anything about it," stated Zeno.

NBC33 tried to contact the residents of the home but no one was there. The house seemed empty, and the electricity was shut off.

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