Major delays snarl holiday drivers

Major delays snarl holiday drivers
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Wednesday, November 27, 2013 - 5:49pm

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is often the biggest travel day of the year and drivers said they are already preparing themselves for the long road home.

Whether Baton Rouge was the final destination.

"We came in yesterday from Baldwin Louisiana, we've got a daughter that attends southern university," shared Ricky Armelin, a holiday driver.

Or you were just passing through.

"We're headed from Jackson, Mississippi to visit my son and two grandsons in Houston, Texas," said Ola Harrington, another holiday driver.

The roads this holiday season will be full.

"We've been out since early this morning, but as I look around you can see that traffic beginning to build," said Armelin.

That is why these drivers have their own strategies for getting home this holiday.

"I am mostly going on back roads to get there so I am trying to go down Florida blvd. and sneak up the back roads all the way up to Greensburg," said another holiday traveler.

“The smartest strategy is to start early so that you can beat the traffic and not get caught up in congestion," shared Harrington.

Police said patience is key this holiday season and giving yourself more than enough time to get where you're going will help a lot of holiday headaches.

"Take your time, give yourself an adequate amount of time to get there safely so you're not in a rush and harm yourself of someone else,” explained Cpl. Don Coppola of the Baton Rouge Police Department.

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