LSU PD on the lookout for fake tickets

POSTED: Thursday, October 6, 2011 - 3:39pm

UPDATED: Thursday, October 6, 2011 - 4:51pm

The LSU Tigers are two days away from the big game against Florida, and across the campus, preparations are underway for the sea of tailgaiters.

For LSU police officers, keeping the campus safe during big home games takes a lot of prep.

Captain Cory Lalonde of the LSU police force says he's worked at the school for over ten years, and he's seen it all.

He says his biggest concern isn't the rowdy tailgaitors, it's fraudulent tickets. Fans trying to get into the game often buy tickets from scalpers, and Lalonde says a lot of times those tickets are fake.

"It's happened in the past,” stated Lalonde. “Approximately two years ago, I believe it was two years ago, for the Florida game here, we did make several arrests in reference to people having fraudulent tickets. It is something that we anticipate."

Captain Lalonde went on to say they'll be focusing their manpower on popular tailgating spots. They say that's where scalpers are usually found.

If you have any questions about your tickets, LSU police officers will help check your ticket, and you won’t get in trouble.

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