LSU leads the league in libations

Thursday, January 5, 2012 - 9:52pm

People like to drink while watching their team stack up victories.

"The better we do {with} local sporting events, better liquor sales," said Darin Smith, general manager of Walk-Ons on Burbank. "People like winners. We certainly do."

With an undefeated record for LSU, business is good at Walk-Ons and beyond.

"It doesn't matter what's going on with the economy," said Matt LeBlanc. "Tigers and Saints winning, this town's rolling."

As beer salesmen for Budweiser LeBlanc and Mike Poche' know the impact. They said the numbers speak for themselves.

"It's incredible the amount of beer football season brings," said Poche'. "Starting the beginning of the season, we sell 200 kegs a week to one or two accounts."

Apparently, LSU fans lead the league in libations.

The topic of an article featured in the Wall Street Journal this week, said LSU fans can out-drink all others.

Not to mention the new "Honey Badger shot." A combination of Tin Roof beer and a shot of Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey.

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