Local leaders learn about earthquake preparedness

Thursday, July 14, 2011 - 5:51pm

Top emergency responders in the state are getting ready for an earthquake.

Experts say there's a low chance of damage if there's an earthquake in Louisiana, but leaders are spending the next two days reviewing plans and learning how to help other states that could see more impact.

Robert Williams is a geophysicist who's helping the responders. He says even though there's not the likelihood of damage here, it's important to be ready.

“Getting people face to face is crucial,” stated Williams. “Getting them to compare plans, find problems within their plans, and test those plans…it’s invaluable.”

The New Madrid fault line runs along the Mississippi River north of the state. Experts say there's a risk of a moderate earthquake along the fault line.

They go on to say if a quake happens, commerce along the Mississippi could come to a standstill for weeks.

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