Interim Mayor says she is ready to get to work and help the community of Port Allen

Interim Mayor says she is ready to get to work and help the community of Port Allen
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POSTED: Wednesday, December 18, 2013 - 8:00pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, December 18, 2013 - 8:04pm

Port Allen’s new Interim Mayor, Lynn Robertson, is a familiar face with lots of experience leading Port Allen. Port Allen residents will vote on a new mayor in April. Until then, former Mayor Lynn Robertson will lead the West Baton Rouge Town.

Robertson has already served as Port Allen's mayor. She held the position from 1994 until 2004. She told NBC33 she’s thrilled to be back and is ready to roll her sleeves up and get to work.

Port Allen has been on quite the rollercoaster this year but with all the ups and downs, residents are ecstatic with the friendly face back in office.

"She was just a great mayor," said Port Allen resident, Lillian Ragan.

"She did many things for this city; to enhance this city," noted resident, Barbra Allen.

Mayor Lynn Robertson knows it all too well, after serving as mayor for more than a decade but she knows she has some work to do.

"You go out into the community you get the different sectors coming together to work for a common goal and try and move the city forward," said Robertson.

Lillian Ragan worked alongside Robertson years ago in office, she says things are about to change.

"We had a lot of good progress that took place under her administration," said Ragan.

Residents like Barbra Allen, who supported Mayor Slaughter, are ready to move forward and put the past behind with the help of Robertson.

“She was concerned about the city and she came with a vision that makes a difference," said Allen.

Everyone we talked with says the first order of business should be passing a budget for the town.

"We do plan on having a meeting on Monday to introduce the budget then there is a 10 day process but i would think we will have a budget in by the first week of January."

Although she has only three months in office, the sky is the limit.

"I think with the short amount of time I have I would like to take everyone top 3 or 4 priorities that they feel need to be done in the next few months."

"I think she will be a great role model for the person that will take her place."

Three candidates were up for the position.

Governor Jindal selected Robertson the day after Port Allen’s City Council cancelled a meeting to select someone to replace recalled Mayor Deedy Slaughter.

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