Hundreds gathered to remember fallen veterans; U.S.S. Kidd Memorial Day Ceremony

NBC33 Staff
Monday, May 27, 2013 - 4:54pm

Hundreds of people gathered near the U.S.S. Kidd at Louisiana's Memorial Plaza to Commemorate our fallen veterans this Memorial Day.

George Spiller looks forward this to every year. A day where he can honor his fellow seals.

"The people that's coming out, doing what they should do," Spiller said. "Remembering the ones that just passed away, fought the war, and the ones that are still living and still fighting."

He's 94-years-old, but he remembers World War II like it was yesterday.

"One of the old ships ahead of us, convoy ahead of us brought German Serbs and rammed it," Spiller said. "We fought hand in hand and captured it."

Service men and women were not the only ones at today's ceremony. Major Kip Holden and former Congressman Henson Moore spoke about the importance of honoring our veterans.

"Today we salute them," Holden said. "We honor them and we'll never forget what they've done to make America the great land that it is."

"And we thank you and we will never forget... we will never forget," Moore said.

Moore said today is not about cookouts or a day off. It's a day about remembering the men and women who fought and died for all of us.   

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