House catches fire, injures one dog and kills another

POSTED: Tuesday, November 6, 2012 - 6:00pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, November 6, 2012 - 7:55pm

Tuesday afternoon off of Harrells Ferry Road in Baton Rouge a house went up in flames. The owners weren't there at the time but they say there might have been one loss.

Iris Hartzog lives down the street from the fire and she says, "I hear like a loud popping, cracking like wood cracking and it was just terrible.” Iris was taking a walk when she looked up and saw a sky full of smoke and flames. "We saw red flames just shooting towards the sky," said Hartzog.

"My husband called me screamed at me the house is on fire I was in the voting booth," said the owner of the house. The call was made from the neighbor at 1:31 and one the fire arrived it was out at 2:32 in the afternoon."

And when she arrived, she was at a loss for words. “I worked in mental health and I think I’m pretty good at dealing with loss but when I first say the house I did loose it. And I think I’m in shock right now but well get by,” said the owner.

And along with loosing her home she says, “We lost out little dog inside and she wasn’t outside but my other dog was outside.” But instead of tears, the woman decided to start adding some light to the situation.

"My husband and I wanted to downsize anyway, we’ll be looking at what were going to do,” the owner said.

Now the fire is still under investigation by fire officials and its still not confirmed if the owners dog was lost in the flames.

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