Hospital employees outraged; layed off and not paid

POSTED: Friday, November 2, 2012 - 5:30pm

UPDATED: Friday, November 2, 2012 - 5:34pm

Former employees of the Cypress Psychiatric Hospital are angry because they have been laid off and still have not been paid.

They say the company they worked for not only laid them off but has been lying to them for months. "It’s frustrating because i worked for it,” says Matthiew Christophe, a former Cypress employee.

Matthiew Christophe worked at Cypress Psychiatric is unemployed. Less than 24 hours ago, he was laid off from his job, without notice and without pay. "Today is pay day and we still have no check. I get direct deposit but no money has been deposited in my account. I tried to call Miss Deel she doesn't answer."

The 40 plus employees at Cypress Psychiatric hospital told me they were laid off twice within the past two weeks, with no explanation.

Matthew came by the hospital to pick up his time sheet; to make sure he had proof of his hours worked but the hospital has since been cleared out. "They have just been avoiding us and people are saying were supposed to talk to cypress but there's no one here, our supervisor she's not even here so its basically a dead end."

Matthew and other former Cypress employees say the hospital has been having issues for the past few months. "A couple of months ago we started getting short on patients, because I am an MHT and in order for two months to work they have to have 8 patients and we've been short on patients for awhile,” said Christophe.

And when there are so patients, there is no money. "They were not paying them so the doctors quit. Then they didn't pay the linen people then they didn't pay the garbage people so the garbage kept getting piled up."

Now, without a job, without a paycheck and without a clue of what even happened, Matthew will now have to move on while still looking for answers.

Matthew has contacted a lawyer to see what can be done about his money. A former Administrator with the hospital didn't want to comment. Also several calls were made to the Psychiatric hospital and the CEO of Cypress, but employees say that he moved out of state two weeks ago.

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