'High School High', new ways our youth are experimenting with drugs

'High School High', new ways our youth are experimenting with drugs
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POSTED: Wednesday, November 27, 2013 - 9:00pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, December 10, 2013 - 2:59pm

Drugs have taken over our culture, from legal over the counter drugs to illegal chemically made ones. Whether your sick or are looking to get high, people turn to them.

But in today’s world they are so available that our youth are experimenting in ways we could have never imagined, just to feel accepted and get their next high.

Marijuana, prescription pills, even office supplies. Some kids will do anything to get high.

"Now you have to be like 8 to buy duct tape because kids were wrapping it up and smoking it,” said a high school teen.

“People smoke duct tape? Yeah to get high."

NBC33 talked to some young teens that asked to remain anonymous but they tell us their peers will do anything to get high.

"I’ve heard about the duct tape thing but I’ve also heard about sometimes people will even take receipts and stuff they will smoke that."

Although smoking duct tape and receipts won't necessarily kill you, kids just aren't scared of trying things to get high.

"Less kids are scared of drugs and that's the problem were facing," said EBRSO Narcotics detective, Lt. Eric Jones.

Now they're experimenting with what's in front of them, looking for a ‘new dangerous high’.

"They are melting the pills down so they don't know the kinds of quality of the pill they are getting,” noted Lt. Jones.

“They are using them intravenously with needles snorting them.”

They are using pills, cough syrup or anything they can get their hands on.

"They are faking medical problems for cough syrup. They call it leans and they drink it. It calms them down but you can die from it."

"They are using combinations of other drugs with it and they are making a drink out of it and pretty much that’s what the lean is about,” said one of the teens. “I’ve even heard of them dipping blunts in codeine and letting it dry and smoking it like that."

"They have booty bump. I don’t know what it is but I’ve heard of it.”

Teens are now soaking liquefied pills and liquor in a tampon or a syringe and putting in their body similarly to a suppository.

They are even using eye droppers, lacing them with LSD or heroin and ingesting the drug through their eye socket which is another unconventional yet dangerous choice.

So with the ever evolving world of drugs, police continue to follow kids, trying to stop dangerous trends, before they get out of hand.

"We don’t want to loose that generation; if we loose that generation then we will have a problem a big problem,” said Lt. Jones.
"So we are trying to stay on top of that generation by educating them more so than anything about the dangers of drug use.”

Police believe that teens do know what's going on around them.

"It's best to stay away from or you wont go anywhere in life," said a High School girl.

The East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Department continues to work with the youth to educate through D.A.R.E and other programs, so what starts as experiments don’t turn into habits.

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