Glen Oaks seeks crime prevention district

Friday, April 20, 2012 - 8:40pm

The Glen Oaks neighborhood has seen more than its fair share of crime this year. That's why State Representative Regina Barrow, is pushing a bill that would create a crime prevention district to cover the neighborhood.

"Community needs to be safe," said George Guillory, pastor of Glen Oaks Baptist. It needs to feel safe."

Guillory has been at Glen Oaks for over a decade. He said the people who live close by are long-time residents, who are shocked by the recent crime. Three young men were killed in two separate shootings in the neighborhood earlier this year.

Residents want their neighborhood back.

"They want to feel safe again," Guillory said. "So we need to do what we can to bring that back to community."

The crime district would establish a board of directors, who would be responsible for hiring their own security to patrol the neighborhood. The EBR Sheriff's Office said the board doesn't have to hire deputies, but they strongly recommend it, as opposed to private security companies.

Guillory believes that his congregation of over a hundred -- and many others in the neighborhood -- are willing to pay the extra tax, for better security.

"We all have to help," Guillory said. "Church, businesses, people in Glen Oaks. We're committed and we want to help."

Guillory said his church is holding a community outreach day to promote a close knit community, on May, 5.

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