Former BRPD Chief's fight far from over

POSTED: Monday, February 18, 2013 - 7:23pm

UPDATED: Monday, February 18, 2013 - 7:52pm

The fight over former Police Chief Dewayne White’s termination looks to be far from over.

"We look forward to being put under oath and then hear other people who will refute the allegations the chief made against them in the hearing today,” Holden told reporters when asked about the possibility of a civil suit.

The hearing, held in the metro council chambers, was far from tame, with both sides making serious allegations.

"Mr. Mayor, I not only refused but I told you specifically I would resign before I rescinded that transfer," White said, when answering to questions about previous transfers within the canine division of the police department.

"This was simply based on insubordination on his part on a number of cases," Holden said of his decision, after the hearing.

White’s attorney, Jill Craft, told us that the former chief still has several paths of action available to him. Including a civil service board appeal, which she’s already started.

"We've filed an appeal with the civil service board. What will happen with that is that we'll file an amended and substituted notice of appeal based on the proceedings of today. And also reiterating a number of the defects in the proceedings that have already taken place," Craft explained.

Mayor Holden said his team will welcome a chance to tell what they view as their own side of the story.

“The full story was not told by the chief, a convenient story was told by the chief,” Holden said.

Craft said she is not actively pursuing a civil suit yet, as she still has several channels to go through, but she believes the evidence could be there to support one further down the road.

For more background on the hearing held on Monday, Feb. 18, click here.

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