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First heat advisory of the year in Baton Rouge

First heat advisory of the year in Baton Rouge
Photo provided by staff.
Tuesday, August 6, 2013 - 4:47pm

EMS officials said they have gotten a bunch of calls this week from people who are suffering from heat strokes.

Mike Miles has to work in this heat no matter what because he's a firefighter, but Miles said he has to stay safe so he can keep you safe.

"I've learned not to complain about the things I can't change, but being that it's so hot, we have to endure the heat and do the job that we have to do," Miles said. "We have to do what we have to do. When we are in our firefighting gear, that's even hotter because that's 50 pounds of extra weight that you have on you."But EMS is also on the scene with us providing first aid if needed."

Mike Chustz of the Baton Rouge EMS said they've received numerous calls this week from people who have passed out working outside.

"It doesn't take long for someone to get over heated. As soon as they come out, they remove all that heavy clothing and we try to get them inside our air condition and in the shade at a minimum and try to cool them down," Chustz said.

Chustz said staying cool can be challenging in this heat, but you can do it.

"Try to begin hydrating yourself today by drinking as much water as you can. Try to avoid caffeine, carbonated drinks, alcohol, things like that," Chustz said. "Try to work early in the morning, late in the afternoon if you can, be in the shade as much as you can, and take frequent breaks."

Jesse Gunkel, Chief Meteorologist of NBC33, said this is the first heat advisory of the year, but will probably not be the last.

"This year seems a little bit cooler than last year, but we can expect in the next couple of days probably more heat advisories on the way for at least Wednesday, Thursday, and possibly Friday of this week," Gunkel said. "Just be smart outdoors. If you feel a little bit woozy, the heats creeping up on you, make sure you take a break or two, it's okay to drink some extra water or just ask for a little time to sit down or go inside, find some AC."

So remember, when you are outside, stay hydrated, take breaks, and know your limits, so you can stay safe this summer.   

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