Fire torches home of nine-year-old animal advocate

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POSTED: Tuesday, August 20, 2013 - 4:00pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, August 21, 2013 - 7:42am

Nine-year-old Jade Mitchell has donated thousands of dollars to animals in need, but now her family needs some help of their own.

"It’s just all ruined," said Jade Mitchell.

A fire that her family believes started in the laundry room ended up engulfing the whole house in flames.

"I don’t really believe that it happened," noted Jade.

"That's the hardest part to grasp right now - that the whole house is gone. I didn't know that it was going to come to this," said Jade’s mother, Julie Robertson.

When Robertson stepped foot in what’s left of her house for the first time, the reaction was unforgettable. Jade Mitchell was actually sleeping on the couch at the time.

“My bedroom is all the way to the left, and they broke through it to try and get the fire out,” Jade explained as she pointed to what was left of the house.

The whole family owes thanks to their dog, Paris, who they recently rescued. She woke them up before their fire alarm ever went off.

“The dog was barking and I got up to let her out which was unusual,” said Robertson. “First I saved her life. Now, she's saved mine," said Jade.

Jade Mitchell is girl who dedicated hours of her time over the past year to making pens to sell, so that she could help the homeless animals in her area. Now, she has to start from scratch.

“All my pens were messed up and most of my duct tape was,” noted Jade.

A fireman who helped extinguish the flames noticed a charred up poster with Jade's name on it. He bought the few pens that were salvaged and full of charcoal.

“It makes you feel pretty good to know the boys don’t mind digging in and helping,” stated Denham Springs Police Chief, Elmer Knab.

Now Julie says, although they are left with almost nothing, what matters the most is that she some of her memories were spared in the flames.

“I’m glad I have that,” said Robertson. “These are the kinds of things that matter to me."

Jade and Jade’s sister Sage, were greeted by their school principal and assistant principal, who took both of them to buy new uniforms so they could get back to class.

This family could really use help in their recovery. To donate, go to any Capital One bank and you can make a monetary donation to Julie Robertson Donation Fund.

Here is a link to Jade's full story.

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