Fest for All day one

Saturday, May 5, 2012 - 5:19pm

Downtown Baton Rouge is rocking this weekend with the sites and sounds of the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge's free event: 'Fest for All'.

Over ninety artists and some musicians from all over louisiana and across the country came out and play, paint and display.

" It's incredible that people can look at something and make something with what you think is trash," said festival goer Janie Rhorer. "They make it artsy. Charge me $450 dollars for it, and guess what I'll buy it."

For wood turner, and exhibitor, Leopold Frielot the festival is a chance to connect with customers.

"I get to display everything at one time," said Frielot. " I have my repertoire. I get to talk to people tell them the story behind each piece. "

Hundreds of art and culture fans of all ages packed the out door festival doing their best to beat the heat.

Jeff and his son Anthony Morello are festival veterans. Jeff says it's important to bring his son out to events like this to help teach Anthony about Louisiana's cultural heritage.

" You get to learn something and expose him to new kinds of music and culture and experience Baton Rouge," said Jeff Morello.

'Fest for All' is 30-year-old tradition for Baton Rouge. But, fans of the fest said it just keeps getting better and better each year.

"Here this is a mini Mardi Gras, because people are visiting and talking to the artists. So it's a southern thing. Where you know you get to enjoy yourself. "

If you missed fest for all tonight don't worry. The party picks back up at noon tomorrow and runs through six pm in downtown Baton Rouge!

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