LOCATE: Family of missing girl says something doesn't feel right, looking for answers

Photo provided by Brandy Scott.
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POSTED: Tuesday, October 8, 2013 - 5:30pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, October 9, 2013 - 12:39pm

UPDATE: UPDATE: Caitlin returned home on Wednesday, Oct. 9. We're told she is unharmed.


ORIGINAL: Parents of Caitlin Dubois, 15, continue to look for their missing daughter. It’s been three days since they last saw her and there are no leads at this point. Even though this is not the first time she's gone missing, they have a bad feeling about it.

Brandy and Graham Scott were at the grocery store Saturday when they started getting calls from their daughter.

“She called me a couple of times asking me to pick up random things for her,” said Caitlin’s mother, Brandy Scott. “I feel like that was her trying to figure out what time I was going to be home.”

They were only 10 minutes from home, so they rushed back.

“So when I got home and she wasn't here I was completely shocked."

Caitlin is what her mother calls a troubled teen, just looking for attention. She has stolen her parents cars before which landed her in probation and also in an ankle tracking device.

To keep the device working and the GPS active it has to be charged 2 hours a day.

“I assumed she plugged it in but obviously she just silenced it," said her step father, Graham Scott.

When she ran away in the past, she notified her mom right away to let her know she was okay, but they think this time, is different.

"I have not heard anything from Caitlin; we’re still trying to actively look for her," noted Scott.

With no word, her parents are considering the worst case scenario.

“She has had inappropriate conversations with people that are way older than her age and that's what's scary."

Graham is just hoping Caitlin is making good decisions.

"She may eventually find the trouble that she may not be able to get out of."

So now the Scotts will just continue to look for her and just hope she's safe and sound.

"I watch the ditches as we drive by and it’s just a horrible feeling," noted Brandy Scott.

If you know anything about Caitlin Dubois’ or her whereabouts, call the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s office at (225) 686-2241.

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