Early morning car wreck kills 2 and leaves 1 hospitalized

POSTED: Friday, December 7, 2012 - 5:45pm

UPDATED: Friday, December 7, 2012 - 5:49pm

A car accident on Carey Rd. in Central Friday morning killed two men and left one in the hospital. Their car flipped onto someone’s front yard causing the Fire Department to use the Jaws of Life to save the third man in the car.

There is not much left of the fatal crash that killed two men and left one in the hospital. "It sounded like a car with pipes on it shut down then cranked backup again the all of a sudden it was dead silence," says neighboring resident, Joe Bonadona.

Around one Friday morning a Camero was traveling westbound on Carey Rd. when the driver lost control veered off the road and struck a driveway culvert. "You can see the culvert over here where the front of the car hit and even broke concrete on the culvert there," Violet Brucesaid as she showed NBC33 where the car wreck happened.

The car flipped killing Christopher McCoy, 27, Jonathan Love, 26 and sending one other man to the hospital. "At about 1230 I heard this terrible noise I knew that someone had hit our mailbox," recalls Violet. Violet and Joe live just feet from the crash, where they say speeding is a big issue.

"People just drive to fast and they don't slow down and they loose control and they end up in front yards in mailboxes over here," noted Bonadona. “Part of the post of the mailbox is even in the yard next door," said Violet. Now her mailbox is just part of the debris scattered on Jerry Caro's lawn. "There was a car that had overturned and it was sitting in the front yard," said Caro.

But even though Violet's upset about her mailbox, she wishes she could have done more. "I wish I could have seen what happened maybe I could have gotten there a little bit earlier maybe if someone was till alive to help them," said Violet.

Sheriff’s Deputies believe alcohol may have been a factor in the crash but are awaiting toxicology results. Deputies are still investigating which occupant was driving the vehicle and the investigation is pending.

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