Current and retired Louisiana state employees not affected by Walgreens and Express Scripts dispute

Current and retired Louisiana state employees not affected by Walgreens and Express Scripts dispute
Tuesday, January 3, 2012 - 9:54pm

Current and retired Louisiana state employees whose pharmacy benefits are managed by Catalyst Rx are not affected by the expiration of Walgreens contract with Express Scripts on Dec. 31, 2011.

“We value each and every Walgreens customer and are frustrated with Express Scripts’ decision to reject our very serious offer in December in an effort to avoid patient disruption,” said Walgreens President of Pharmacy, Health and Wellness Solutions and Services Kermit Crawford. “We want to emphasize that State of Louisiana active and retired employees under prescription drug benefit plans managed by Catalyst Rx can continue to access Walgreens for their pharmacy benefits just as they have in the past – no matter which managed care organization they have chosen for their medical benefits. For these valued patients, we are pleased to report that there is no change whatsoever – we look forward to continuing to serve you.”

For people in Louisiana who are under a prescription benefit plan managed by Express Scripts, Walgreens is offering a special promotion featuring a discount on membership to its popular Prescription Savings Club (PSC) program. PSC is an existing Walgreens drug discount program, with nearly 2 million people enrolled. The program offers savings on more than 8,000 brand name and all generic medications. For more than 400 generic medications, Walgreens offers a three-month supply for less than $1 a week. Normal annual membership is $20 per individual or $35 for a family. For the month of January (Jan. 1-31), Walgreens is offering a promotion on one-year memberships, making them only $5 for individuals or $10 for family memberships. This discount is open to all PSC eligible customers.

The promotion of Walgreens PSC card is part of a comprehensive national effort by Walgreens to help patients who are covered by an Express Scripts pharmacy network continue using Walgreens when possible or make a smooth transition to another community pharmacy.

“In recent days, we have heard from our customers and patients under Express Scripts plans that they are upset about losing access to Walgreens pharmacies as a result of Express Scripts’ actions,” Crawford continued. “We offered to keep rates flat, and Express Scripts itself has stated that the elimination of Walgreens from its pharmacy network will not provide any reduction in costs for clients.”

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