Crime cameras get mixed reviews from Gardere residents

Crime cameras get mixed reviews from Gardere residents
Thursday, November 10, 2011 - 10:02pm

Wednesday night the Metro Council approved the installation of twelve street cameras inside of the Hermitage and Cross Creek subdivisions in Gardere. "The reason why we want these cameras are for having eyes around when we're not  around, so we can see what's going on," says Sammie Grimes.

Grimes says the cameras are needed to prevent things such as vandalism, which he calls crimes of opportunity. But those that live in the neighborhood say they don't need more cameras on the streets. They need more patrols out on the streets. "No, the only thing that seems to make people do better and stop stuff is more patrolmen, more people out there patrolling the streets will help it. Cameras ain't going to really solve it. It's a waste," says Gardere resident Jamie Robinson.

But Grimes says it's not only a waste of time or resources. It's an investment in the safety of the subdivision, "We're not going to be invading in anyone's home or in their backyard or anything like that. We're not taking the position of big brother. We're taking the position of your protector."

"All you are going to do is imprison the people who actually pay to be here," says Robinson.  Robinson says all it's going to do is create an atmosphere of fear, "they start putting cameras in. You're going to have people scared to walk the neighborhood scared who live here, pay their taxes and do what they are supposed to do gonna be pretty much locked in their homes, while the criminals walk up and down the streets  doing what they do."

Or even worse make criminals more likely to commit crimes, "So some might even just do more things to see if it really works," says Robinson.

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